About Andrew Seng

Andrew is a Cambodian-American independent photographer based in Brooklyn. Before moving to New York from northern California, he was a staff photojournalist at The Sacramento Bee. Andrew’s work is interested in the formation of race and identity in the United States, particularly with the presence of history in the present time. His passion is creating an ongoing visual archive of Cambodian-Americans that looks to not only acknowledge the difficulties and traumas of Khmer people but to celebrate resiliency, strength, and beauty.

Born in Portland, Ore., Andrew attended the University of Oregon, where he earned a bachelor of arts in journalism with a focus in photojournalism and multimedia. He is a member of Diversify.Photo and the Asian American Journalists Association. 

Selected clients and publications include The New York Times, Buzzfeed News, WNYC, The Wall Street Journal, Narratively, Teach for America, TIME.com, The Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Der Spiegel Online, The Guardian and BBC.co.

He is available for freelance work and commissions throughout New York and the east coast.

– “These photos show how white supremacy seeps into consumer culture”


–B&H Photography Podcast: A Deadline for Newspaper Photojournalism


–Sixth annual New York Portfolio Review

–Recipient: Yunghi Kim Grant 2017


 –Eddie Adams XXIX

–Mountain Workshop 2015 - Frankfort, Kentucky

e - asengphotos@gmail.com

instagram - @andrewseng

twitter - andrewseng_